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2019 National Juniors - NSW Medals & Order of Merit

NSW players provided us with great results at the recent Australian Junior Championships in Wollongong.

Details of our medal winners are below:

3. Sue Bin Oh (NSW)
4. Danni-Elle Townsend (NSW)
6. Serena Hu (NSW)
7. Mingxuan Nie (NSW)

2. Alex Lee (NSW)
4. James Kim (NSW)
7. Alex Yeung (NSW)
10. Shea Kiely (NSW)

1. Angela Wang (NSW)

2. Hwan Bae (NSW)
7. Caleb Kwon (NSW)

1. Celine Chen (NSW)
3. Yvonne Liu (NSW)
4. Erin Ann (NSW)
8. Olina Qiao (NSW)
9. Ally Zhang (NSW)
10. Kyra Chan (NSW)

1. Clarence Cheng (NSW)
2. Chulong Nie (NSW)
3. Jeffrey Guo (NSW)
4. Havin Shengali (NSW)

2. Kathleen Yeung (NSW)
5. Daisy Xie (NSW)
9. Chloe Cheng (NSW)
10. Elina Chen (NSW)

1. Nicholas Chee (NSW)
3. Juno Choi (NSW)
4. Stephen Liu (NSW)
6. Hema Graham (NSW)
7. Lachlan Leung (NSW)
9. Tony Xi (NSW)
10. Kevin Wang (NSW)


- U/18 BOYS: Gold - NSW: James Kim, Alex Lee, Adam Masen, Alex Yeung

- U/18 GIRLS: Silver - NSW: Sarah Kim, Mingxuan Nie, Sue-Bin Oh, Danni-Elle Townsend

- U/15 BOYS: Gold - NSW: Hwan Bae, Caleb Kwon, Ryan Wang, Ray Zhang

- U/15 GIRLS: Bronze - NSW: Lyn Ha, Alice Lee, Angela Wang

- U/13 BOYS: Gold - NSW: Won Bae, Clarence Cheng, Jeffrey Guo, Chulong Nie

- U/13 GIRLS: Gold - NSW: Erin Ann, Celine Chen, Yvonne Liu

- U/13 GIRLS: Bronze - NSW 'B': Kyra Chan, Olina Qiao, Ally Zhang, Barina Zhong

- U/11 BOYS: Gold - NSW: Nicolas Chee, Juno Choi, Lachlan Leung, Tony Xi

- U/11 BOYS: Bronze - NSW 'B': Hema Graham, Kin Nam Hung, Stephen Liu, Kevin Wang

- U/11 GIRLS: Gold - NSW: Chloe Cheng, Serina Lee, Daisy Xie, Kathleen Yeung

- U/18 Mixed Doubles: Bronze - (VIC)/Sue Bin Oh (NSW).

- U/15 Mixed Doubles: Silver - (VIC)/Angela Wang (NSW).

- U/13 Mixed Doubles: Gold - Clarence Cheng/Yvonne Liu (NSW).

- U/13 Mixed Doubles: Silver - Jeffrey Guo/Celine Chen (NSW).

- U/11 Mixed Doubles: Silver - Nicolas Chee/Daisy Xie (NSW).

- U/11 Mixed Doubles: Bronze - Lachlan Leung/Kathleen Yeung (NSW).

- Under 18 Boys Doubles: (VIC)/James Kim (NSW).

- Under 18 Girls Doubles: Gold - Angela Wang/Sarah Kim (NSW).

- Under 18 Girls Doubles: Silver - Sue Bin Oh (NSW)/(VIC).

- Under 18 Girls Doubles: Bronze - (VIC)/Danni-Elle Townsend (NSW).

- Under 15 Boys Doubles: (VIC)/Hwan Bae (NSW).

- Under 15 Girls Doubles: Gold - Angela Wang/Celine Chen (NSW),

- Under 13 Boys Doubles: Silver - Clarence Cheng/Danny Dong (NSW).

- Under 13 Boys Doubles Bronze - Jeffrey Guo/Chulong Nie (NSW).

- Under 13 Girls Doubles: Gold - Yvonne Liu/Celine Chen (NSW).

- Under 13 Girls Doubles: Bronze - Erin Ann/Serina Lee (NSW).

- Under 11 Boys Doubles: Bronze - (VIC)/Andrew Li (NSW).

- Under 11 Girls Doubles: Silver - Daisy Xie/Serina Lee (NSW).

- U/18 Boys Singles: Silver - Alex Lee.

- U/18 Girls Singles: Bronze - Sue Bin Oh.

- U/15 Boys Singles: Nil

- U/15 Girls Singles: Gold - Angela Wang.

- U/13 Boys Singles: Gold - Clarence Cheng.

 - U/13 Boys Singles: Silver - Chulong Nie.

- U/13 Boys Singles: Bronze - Jeffrey Guo.

- U/13 Girls Singles: Gold - Celine Chen

- U/11 Boys Singles: Silver - Nicolas Chee

- U/11 Girls Singles: Nil


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