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Drugs and Alcohol


Table Tennis NSW Inc. provides a work environment which aims to ensure the health, safety, respect and productivity of all employees. The use of drugs and alcohol may impair an individual's capacity to perform their job safely, efficiently and with respect for work colleagues and customers. The use of such substances may result in the risk of injury or a threat to the Well being of the impaired employee, other employees, customers or any other parties.
The policy is that no employee is to commence work, or return to work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The purpose of this policy is to maintain a work environment free from the effects of the use of alcohol and drugs. The consequences of breaching this policy are detailed in Contract of Services to Table Tennis NSW Inc - Contract for Employment.
Company vehicles:
Company vehicles are not to be driven by anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Table Tennis NSW Inc. will accept no liability for any damage to a company vehicle, injury to any person, or damage or injury to any third party, incurred while the driver of the Table Tennis NSW Inc. vehicle is in breach of this policy or of the law. All liabilities shall rest with the driver concerned.
Prescription drugs:
If you take prescription drugs please check with your doctor to establish if the use of the drug will impact on work performance. If so, please obtain this advice in writing and provide this advice to your manager.
Table Tennis NSW Inc. observes a no smoking policy in all premises, including company vehicles.
Table Tennis NSW Inc. provides the services of an Employee Assistance Program to assist employees in the treatment of alcohol or drug use problems. Details of the program and how to contact the service are provided in the Employee Assistance Program Policy.
Drug and alcohol testing:
To ensure the maintenance of this policy all employees may be subject to drug and alcohol testing. Drug testing may be required where, by way of observation or other reasonable method, including disclosure, an employee's behaviour or work performance indicates the person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
The introduction of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Programme is about altering behaviour and raising drug and alcohol awareness to create a safer work environment. The programme is not intended to create, nor operate to create a work environment which is harsh, unjust or unfair. However, due to the importance of ensuring safety in the workplace, employees who breach the drug and alcohol policy may be disciplined. At all times during the implementation of the drug and alcohol testing process, management and staff shall conduct themselves in a courteous manner toward employees and shall respect the employee's rights. Any member of management who acts without reasonable cause, or who behaves over zealously in the implementation of these procedures shall be subject to disciplinary action.
The method of investigation is as follows:
An observation must be made, or information given that indicates the employee has behaved in a way which indicates a breach of this policy and/or which may put themselves and other employees at risk of their health and safety. The employee will be asked to explain their behaviour. If no reasonable or satisfactory response is given, the employee may be asked to undergo an examination at the local hospital to ascertain whether they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Other employee may also be asked to go home until the end of the day or shift. On the employee's return to work and following receipt of the results of any tests, the employee will be interviewed by [Executive Committee member]. The employee may have a witness present. Allegations may be made to the employee and the employee will be asked to respond. Depending on the response further investigations may take place to assist the company determine the facts and/or appropriate disciplinary action to be taken.
An employee who refuses to undergo testing of their health may find it difficult to provide evidence to disprove an allegation they have breached this policy. In the absence of medical evidence to disprove an allegation the company will make any decision it feels is reasonable and justified, given observation, witness statements and any other sources of evidence which are relevant to the investigation. Employees will not be treated harshly, unfairly or unjustly by this policy. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure confidentiality re personal information about employees.
This policy is compiled without prejudice.
Leonie Whiteford
Secretary - Table Tennis NSW Inc.
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